Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New enhancement to the exclusion list feature of YouTubeAuto and TAuto


Hope you are doing well and enjoying your superb channel! 

We would like to inform you that a new enhancement to the exclusion list feature has been made to YouTubeAuto software today by which the software will be able to keep track of any cumulative friend request sent from now on in stead of per software run.  So do not forget to download the new version at:



Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Win one week of FREE subscription to YouTubeAuto via a fair random lottery pick on February 28th, 2011. Please see details below ...

Hi Everyone,

We would like to thank you for being a valuable YouTubeAuto customer. Your support has enabled us not only to create a unique identity of the software but also to improve the performance in the recent release of YouTubeAuto 1.1 which is available for download at the new improved site The new version of YouTubeAuto 1.1 includes the following enhancements to improve the overall experience of the software:

1) The new windows installer has been updated to fix a lot of issues our customer's were facing during installation
2) Several performance improvements have been made throughout the software
3) YouTubAuto is also available now on Android Platforms/Mobiles. For more information, please watch this video at
4) A new smart secured sharing feature has been added to the software. This unique feature will make the user's life easy sharing YouTubeAuto data between the PC and the Mobile. For more information, please watch this video at
5) New enhanced graphics has been added throughout the system for better usability as well as look & feel with unique identity of the software
6) Bulk Upload progress bar is smoother and selecting any Medea Category should work now.
7) Help launcher has also been improved for better response.
8) On the status pane of any feature, issue regarding the log file link(s) have been resolved.
9) The new improved site includes detailed install instructions for your favorite platform(s)
10) We have also started a new BLOG for YouTubeAuto at where you are welcome to share your thoughts/experiences/comments about the software.

Download the latest YouTubeAuto 1.1 at your convenience for your favorite platform for FREE.
Besides, please do not forget to visit the BLOG at to share your valuable thoughts/experiences/comments about the software and be the lucky winner of one week FREE subscription to YouTubeAuto via a fair random lottery pick on February 28th, 2011.

Thanks Again For All Of Your Support,

Saturday, February 12, 2011

YouTubeAuto 1.1 Released With New Improved Website

YouTubeAuto is now available on Mac OS X 6.0 or, higher, Windows (Professional, XP, Vista and/or, 7), UNIX and Android OS 1.6 or, higher.  The software currently has three features:  Bulk Upload, Send Personalized Messages (or, Bulk Messages) and Add Friends (or, Bulk Friends).  Other than Bulk Upload Android OS supports all other features.  All of these features can be independently subscribed through PayPal.
Upload Videos:  YouTube is the best free media on the net to share our passion.  It provides a fabulous feature for uploading individual videos one at a time.  However, since YouTube de-supported bulk upload plug-in, it has been very tedious to perform bulk/batch uploads until now with the new quick & sharp "YouTubeAuto" software.  If you need to bulk upload videos, you must check out the Bulk Upload feature of YouTubeAuto software.  It is just stunning the way it allows user bulk upload videos in YouTube and adds to playlists automatically. The YouTubeAuto software is dedicated to manage your YouTube videos efficiently and effectively.
Send Messages:  Using Bulk Message, the user can send personalized video messages to the YouTube contacts with one click.
Share Your Talents:  Using Bulk Friend, the user can add friends and send personalized video messages to them based on other friend’s contacts with a single click.

For further details, please visit